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Awesome meat, the customer service is fantastic as you all know what your talking about when it comes to the different cuts and the prices are fabulous. You provide meat for our growing family of 5 for more than half the price we would pay at the big supermarkets, and the meat tastes great!

Lisa, via our Facebook Page

Excellent quality, great friendly staff & terrific prices! Love this place & thankfully...they are my local Butchers!

Helen, via our Facebook Page

Love the value for money & the quality of the meat is always 5 star!

Amanda, via our Facebook Page

I have been buying my meat from your store since the first day you opened, the quality of product is fantastic, great prices, and fantastic prices. I tell everyone I know about your store and now most of my friends and family will only buy meat from your store. Great job, keep it up

Peter, via our Facebook Page

Came there first time today . Lots to choose from . Just cooked leg of lamb . The yummiest tender lamb ever ! Can't wait to try the other meat I bought !

Leah, via our Facebook Page

Just had the best steak ever and got it from these guys ;) so yummy

Stephanie, via our Facebook Page

What a memory ... walked in and it smelled just like Butchers did when I was a kid ... love it

Karl, via our Facebook Page

Stopped in for the 1st time today and very impressed. Told the folks about you and to put it in my dad's words 'it's about time we got a decent wholesale butcher this side of Adelaide' =)

Lisa, via our Facebook Page

My daughter and I came for the first time today and were really surprised at the selection and prices. I'm vegetarian, but my family aren't and I find your shop to be so much cheaper, with better quality than supermarkets. Well done, some well needed competition for a change ♥

Connie, via our Facebook Page

Got a months worth of meat for a family of four for 85 dollars. So impressed!

Nhada, via our Facebook Page

My 2nd trip...FANTASTIC LAMB...chump chops last night for dinner were SOOOO yummy...well done.. I am spreading the word to anyone who will listen.

Jodie, via our Facebook Page

"Love love love you guys!! We call you the Lollyshop!! For my guy , walking in there is like a kid walking into a lollyshop!! Eyes wide open, awe struck n can't ever decide so always walks out with far more than originally went for!!"

Marnie, via our Facebook Page

"This is the 2nd time I've been to your shop!it's so awesome such a variety and such GREAT tasting and awesome quality!!the meat is soo delious!!! Can't wait to go again!keep up the great work =)"

Tara, via our Facebook Page

"Visited your shop for the first time on Monday, bought the usual suspects for a BBQ sausages, chops, chevaps and steak. Our family is pretty fussy when it comes to dinner and I have to say it was a hit all round. Visited again yesterday and bought a beef roast, was the best roast we have had for a long time. Two thumbs up!"

Tania, via our Facebook Page

"I was today in your shop and i was so surprised that i can get WAGYU BEEF(..i am a german butcher and i know what good quality means..WELL DONE for the variety of you shop...i am very impressed guys!"

Marcus, via our Facebook Page

“Magnificent - I can only thank you and congratulate you both on the products and the service. I will spread the word and you will certainly see me shopping here again.”

Maria, Black Forest

“I tried to cook a lamb roast after reading your ‘How to cook the perfect roast’ card. To my delight, the whole family was impressed and I look forward to trying many more of your products in the future.”

Keith, Marion

“The moment I walked into the shop I was blown away by the massive range of products available. I purchased the Lamb Shanks and they were great value for money and they tasted great after cooking them in the oven”.

Sharon, Plympton

(08) 8374 4130
1074 - 1076 South Road Edwardstown, SA, 5039
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