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Handling Tips

  • It is best to store your meat in the lowest part of the fridge as this is the coolest part.
  • The more constant the temperature of your fridge (The less it is opened and closed), the better your meat will keep in the fridge as the temperature won't fluctuate
  • Treat your meat with care and where possible dont squash it or throw it around as it can affect the quality of the product

Recommended Storage Temperatures

  • When meat is stored in the fridge, the ideal temperature is between 0-4 degrees
  • When meat is frozen, a temperature around -16 degrees is ideal

Product Shelf Life

Fresh Products

  • Beef - 7 Days
  • Lamb - 7 Days
  • Chicken - 4 Days
  • Pork - 7 Days

Air Sealed (Cryovaced) Products

  • Beef - 1 Month
  • Lamb - 3-4 Weeks
  • Chicken - Not Recommended
  • Pork - 2-3 Weeks

About Wagyu Beef

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The Australian: Is all wagyu the same? fat chance

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